Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oct's Taste Test: Dixie Carb Counters - Mac & Cheese.
The noodles were thin like short pieces cut from angel hair pasta and had a very "soy" taste, which is no surprise considering they are made with soy flour. The sauce was still runny after 8 minutes of letting it sit to thicken, so I would suggest using less water than what it calls for. What about that yummy looking cheddar orange you see on the package? Umm, no. The sauce was more a light putty-beige. In giving it the benefit of the doubt, I think it could have been tasty if nuked with less water and then cheesed up with a bit of real cheese added to the "cheese powder" it comes with. I'm not sure how to cut the taste of soy, but if you like that taste and can work out how to thicken the sauce, I think you will like this product. It certainly is in a handy "take it to work" heat and eat container and is a large enough serving to be filling.

If 1 is "spit it out!" and 10 is so good I won't share ...
I rate this product 3.


  1. Sorry but YEAH! I'm so glad it sucked! I don't want legal mac and cheese... it just seems wrong.

    This coming from the girl who eats Miracle Noodles... :D

  2. I won't be buying it again, that's for sure. But, maybe someone likes it even though I didn't. *shrug*


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