Friday, November 14, 2008

Odd observation:

I began drinking Splenda-sweetened diet pop a few months ago in an effort to reduce/eliminate aspartame from my diet. It's been a very easy transition given that some of my favorite drink flavors are Diet Big Red (already splenda-sweetened) and orange pop. I recently discovered Diet Rite's Tangerine (splenda-sweetened) pop.

And on to the circumstances surrounding the odd observation.

I was drinking a Diet Big Red at work, left for lunch and opened a can of Diet Rite Pure Zero Tangerine at home. Not finishing the Tangerine pop, I brought it back to work with me. Hmm, I had two open cans of pop. Taste test time! A sip of Big Red. A sip of Tangerine. Hmm, that aftertaste is interesting. Try again. A sip of Tangerine, a sip of Big Red. Hmm. Enjoying "suicides" as a kid, it didn't take me long to mix them into one can. And guess what? They taste really good mixed. Really really good. And there is something interesting going on there in the lingering aftertaste ... reminiscent of gooey fresh baked Pilsbury cinnamon rolls perhaps? It's hard to qualify it, but if you happen to find each of these diet drinks and try this mix, let me know what you tasted in it.

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