Friday, November 14, 2008

Some of you know that used to be a gamer chic. And some of you might know that WoW's Wrath of the Lich King expansion was released yesterday morning. I was only mildly excited about this one, and after 4+ years pretty much bored with WoW and ready for a different game. I didn't even think the expansion would hold my attention for the first evening since I've not really played for over 8 months now. Well, it did hold my attention. I was up until after midnight last night leveling my new DK ... then was up again early this morning to delete her and create her again as a different race (I changed from human to Draenei). I thought I would get along with the human since I already have a Draenei character, but no ... I made her too fair-skinned and since I was going to remake her with a tan anyway, I just went a bit further and remade her completely.

Jenn, it's nice to see you on my facebook. :)

[ 3g ] a strawberry and some peanut butter (but not together)
[ 0 ] chopped steak
[ 2g ] onions and mushrooms
[ 5g ] LC ice cream bar
not yet
=====TOTAL _ carbs=====

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