Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving is over, and in addition to the normal things to be thankful for (Cro, mom&dad, sister, a job for a great company which I've been with for over 8 years, a few great friends, some awesome new LC blogging friends, even the spoiled cat who eats my flowers when he's ticked at me), I am thankful that I went back to a low carb lifestyle this year. Life is greatly better, I'm feeling awesome, my MS even seems to be asleep perhaps as a result of the low-carbing. I have residual things from past exacerbations such as lack of balance, and I still get shaky and can tell the MS is not gone when my body overheats, but I haven't had any NEW exacerbations since I've been living this WoE. And THAT is something wonderful to be thankful for. If LC has anything to do with this, I just may have put a halt to a frightening future unknown. TY TY TY LC!!!

Cro and I had an LC Thanksgiving. He even opted to eat cauliflower mash rather than potatoes. He made a turkey, I made cauliflower, green bean casserole and an OMG delicious lemon cheesecake for dessert.

[ 4g ] impossible cheeseburger bake with Carbquik
[ 0 ] turkey
[ 3g ] gravy
[ 3g ] cauliflower mash
[ 4g ] green bean casserole
[ 6g ] lemon cheesecake (i used Davinci sf french vanilla syrup and liquid stevia as the sweeteners)
[ 0 ] more turkey
[ 3g ] more gravy

a'hem, yeah, 3 more than i thought, but for a holiday of feasting, I suppose that wasn't too bad.


  1. sounds like an awesome LC spread! :D

    Glad the carbquick is working out. Should it continue for the next couple of months then I imagine I'll order ONE box :D and see how it rocks.

  2. I'm crawling the web for new lowcarb turkey soup ideas this morning. Thanks for the cheesecake recipe tip! It sounds so good! I will make it this weekend.

  3. Haha Jenn. Yes, let me be your guinea pig. I really hope the carbquik works out ... but I'm completely prepared to ditch it at the first sign of trouble.

    Kimorexia, it's nice to meet you. :) The cheesecake is very good. I didn't use very much liquid stevia (trying to not overpower things with that stinging aftertaste) and I couldn't even tell it was in there. The SF Davinci syrup sweetened everything up very well. If you find a great turkey soup recipe, be sure to share!

  4. You know October, your carbquik experiments have convinced me that it is the way to go. I am going to invest in some soon... I'll tell you why today in my blog. Very exciting news!

  5. I can't wait to read your news!


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