Saturday, December 27, 2008

2 pounds to go

... to reach my montly goal of ten. It is going much slower this month and I still don't know if I'm going to make it, but I've not deviated from my self-imposed limit of 20 carbs a day at all. In fact I've been consuming much less than 20 a day, on average.

Ah well, it's boring to obsess over each pound so I will stop that. I've lost another one. I actually lost it Christmas day but didn't acknowledge it until today just to see if it was going to play the yo-yo game. It's still gone so I'm calling it official.

Cro STILL has a horrible tooth ache. He said just now that he doesn't know how much longer he can tolerate it. He's been in tremendous pain since a couple of days before Christmas. He hasn't gone to a dentist yet because with his lack of job he also lacks insurance. I told him this morning that we just may have to cut our weekly grocery budget in half so he can go. It doesn't look like the pain is going to go away by itself like he was hoping. I'm not sure how much his appointment will cost, but whatever it is, we'll just manage. Too bad we don't live in Canada, eh.

I have a job and insurance, thank goodness. I've had to go without insurance before, for a little over a year (waiting on the pre-existing MS to be covered) and that's when I became temporarily crippled. Thank the Lord that the large part of the limp and foot drop reversed once I got a solu-med treatment. Other than the residual lack of balance and limp when I walk more than a couple of blocks, it's almost like I don't have MS (unless I get too hot, of course). :) I have a lot of caveats don't I. :)

Back to topic. Two pounds to go for my monthly goal. After that I'd like to sweep another 30 under the rug, then I'll probably be happy to lose 10 every 3 months for the following year. Then just maintain (the hardest part!!!). Maintaining is so difficult because just like my MS, I won't feel like anything is wrong with me unless I step over the invisible line. For MS it's walking too far or becoming too hot. For LC maintenance I know it is eating a little too many carbs or pretending that just because I'm slender that I don't have to treat food with caution. I've lost the weight before, back in 2001, ha, that was the year I was also diagnosed with MS (I'm sure they are unrelated). I lost the weight, was happy and slim, and I thought I would never have to worry about it again. WRONG!

Fast forward 7 years and many pounds (over 100) and I can say with confidence that if I disregard caution I will gain it back a third time. I must treat maintenance seriously this time. Hopefully I will go back and read this post again once I'm there and remind myself of how important that is. Or perhaps one of you will congratulate me when I get there, and add a serious note reminding me that I'm not cured of being fat, I'm just in a fat-remission that I need to carefully maintain. I'll do the same for each of you if you want that reminder. :)

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