Monday, December 22, 2008

Ah, and since I see I have an MS follower now *waves hi to Lisa!*, here's a little MS update ...

This morning I got too hot while taking a shower (I know! hot showers are supposed to be that way and I love them). Prolonged heat usually causes odd things with me, however. I started feeling very light-headed and feared that I was either going to barf or fall over if I didn't sit down with my head low soon. I guess I stayed in the hot shower a little too long. Anyway, I was able to quickly dry off, throw on my clothes, and made it to a chair where I spent the next 5 minutes with my head down to regain composure so I could finish scrambling to get ready for work. I hate that!!! I would not call that a flair up, I'd just call it a residual effect from damage already done.

Don't worry LC friends ... this is normal for me and something I'm used to. I'm cooled off and feeling all better now. :) Speaking of cooled off, good grief it's cold outside today. The news put out a frost bite warning, telling us that 1 minute of exposure in this weather could cause frost bite. Not good considering that most everyone (but me) has to walk 2 blocks to get to the building.

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  1. Lisa waves "hi" back atcha. I've done the hot-shower-too-long thing also. My choice of response is to go lay on my bed, without dressing, until I've cooled off sufficiently. The laying down is just a bonus.


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