Sunday, December 7, 2008

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Inspired by a fellow blogger (Sadekat), I tried a spoonful of coconut oil last night. It was hard to get down but I'm further inspired to go look up the health benefits and talk myself into having another spoonful tonight. *shivers* What doesn't kill me will make me stronger, right? :)

Some reported benefits of coconut oil:
- Stress relief (hey, I could use that)
- Helps prevent premature aging
- Contains lauric acid which helps prevent high cholesterol, hight blood pressure and heart disease
- Weight loss, benefits the health of the thyroid and boosts metabolism (nice)
- Benefits digestion and absorption of nutrients
- Strengthens the immune system and reduces viral susceptibility
- Kills many things that lead to infection (virus, fungus, bacteria)
- Helps prevent liver disease
- Helps prevent kidney and gall bladder disease and helps to dissolve kidney stones
- Helps control blood sugar which in turn can help prevent diabetes
- Improves absorption of minerals with are important to strong bones
- Same for teeth :)

I gleaned all of this information from reading the article located here. There are lots more benefits and expanded commentary in the article. Some of the comments are also very interesting.

Ok, I convinced myself that it's worth the yuck taste factor. I'm going to take more right now.


[ 1.5g ] colby jack cheese
[ 0 ] bacon
[ 0 ] coconut oil *eww, but good for me*
[ 2g ] coconut oil biscuit
[ 5g ] LC ice cream bar
[ 2g ] LC peanut butter
[ 0 ] steak
[ 2g ] onions
[ 3g ] LC chocolate fudge ice cream bar
=====TOTAL 15.5 carbs=====


  1. Wow, I myself haven't actually looked into this either - so thanks for the information.

    But for me, I don't know if I would continue having it if it tastes bad. Shouldn't eating real food simply provide good health?

  2. I don't think I could continue eating it right out of the jar like that. I did give it a good try though. I think I'll try cooking with it more and perhaps that will benefit me, maybe not as much as by the spoonful, but we'll see. :)


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