Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bento lunches! I'm intrigued. :)

This appeals to the artful, playful, puzzle-solver, organizational and foodie aspects of my personality. So fun! I can't imagine spending that much time arranging a lunch, but this is something I'd like to experiment with sometime when I actually am not in a rush. LC bento. Oh yeah, it can be done.


  1. I am totally into Bento, but have never taken the time to get started. I think it's so cute and it appeals to the little girl in me who brown bagged a pbj sandwich everday in 5th grade

  2. LC Bento lunches sound like fun. :)

    I'm not generally very artistic with my food. I'm more of a functional type of fellow. But, on those rare occasions where I can make things look attractive ... I feel like it's an accomplishment!

    BTW, I've tried one of Linda Sue's cheddar bisquit recipes (using coconut flour) and it turned out pretty well.

    Take care!

  3. Sadekat, aren't they adorable! :) Japanese moms really pamper their kids and husband if they spend time creating these every morning. I know that not all bento lunches are put together with an artistic vision, but the ones that are, well WOW.

    I know what you mean Harry. Sometimes I just eat a spoon of peanut butter in a rush before leaving for work and throw a can of tuna in my pack for lunch. I am definitely function over form when it comes to food. That's two votes for Linda Sue's cheddar biscuit recipe. I must give them a try.


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