Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cro woke up this morning and said "Oh! I recorded something for you last night." Hmm, what could it be? He quickly had the cable switched to DVR and BAM! (hehe) there was Emeril talking about spicing up your low carb menu. Cro is just too sweet for a big muscle man. :) I can't wait to get home after work and watch it.

And I couldn't wait, so I googled it and found this article. Then I just had to pop over to Emerils website and browse his recipes. Below are a few that I just have to try (and modify them for low carb where needed of course).

Herbed Spice Nuts (substitute with a LC sweetener)
Emeril's Chocolaty Chocolate Soufflé with Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce (sub with LC sweetener and SF Davinci syrups
Emeril's Sauteed Kale
Emeril's Grilled Vegetables
Emeril's Meat Marinade for Grilling
Emeril's Sautéed Cauliflower with Lemon
Emeril's Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

[ 0 ] spoon of coconut oil from the jar (still eww, but it's getting better)
[ 2.5g ] LC peanut butter
[ 4g ] spinach salad from Bazbeaux (no dressing)
[ 7g ] brussels sprouts (Cro fried them in a light coating of olive oil)
[ 0 ] turkey
[ 2g ] LC ice cream
[ 0 ] spoon of coconut oil from the jar
=====TOTAL 15.5 carbs=====


  1. See, coconut oil gets better. Jody aka Lowcarb4life told me to let it melt in my mouth before swallowing. It helps. I let it melt for about a minute or so, then chew (mine's waxy) and then melt some more, then swallow. Do you notice a sore throat feeling immediatly after swallowing? I do, but it goes away within a half hour. Odd huh?

  2. I dunno why it's not as bad, but it's still bad. The worst part is biting down on that hunk of crisco-like stuff. The only reason I don't barf is because I tell myself that it's all from a coconut so it's not really crisco. I haven't been able to get a whole tablespoon down at a time, so i just use one of the dinner setting "teaspoons" and get a smaller amount (still huge!) that I can get down. I am looking forward to seeing some of the benefits. :) And I thank you Sadekat, for convincing me it's worth it, even if it's EWW!

  3. I don't know if anyone ever mentioned it or not, but if you drink coffee or tea in the morning you can float it on it. It doesn't look great but it's much easier to get down. I've never tried it with coffee, but I add it to most of my teas. I've grown to actually like it... :o)
    Just a thought take it for what it's worth...giggle

    Thanks for the tip about Emeril, I would never have thought he would do anything low carb. I'll have to check it out for sure.
    Have a wonderful week,

  4. That's a great idea, Vikki. I'll have to try that next time I have hot tea. Thank you. The Emeril episode was mostly about him grilling meat and making marinades. Some of it looked very good. I found it odd that he threw some ears of corn on the grill to serve with the low carb meal. I guess he didn't really "get" it after all. But we know what isn't low carb, so it's good to see someone giving it some exposure.


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