Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The drive to work this morning was more pleasant than the drive home last night. I took a street most of the way, only jumping on the highway for the last 5ish miles. I experimented with leaving at 7:30am to see if morning rush hour was going to slow me down horrible. It did a bit, It took me 30 minutes rather than yesterday's 20. I think I'll go this way from now on. And to get back home tonight I'll also stick to streets rather than the highway which circles the city. I hope it's less traumatic than last night's drive home!

The refrigerator is hooked up and the microwave is unpacked. Hurray! I left my lunch from yesterday in the fridge overnight, so that is what I'll be having today.

[ 6g ] LC cheesecake
[ 10g ] leftover Thanksgiving pot pie (oh yum!)
[ 1g ] onions
[ 3g ] 3 kosher beef franks
[ 1g ] cheddar cheese
=====TOTAL 21 carbs=====

I can't get over how sweet Cro was to make those Carbquik onion rings for dinner last night. I had only mentioned once that I wondered if Carbquik would make an acceptable onion ring batter and that I thought I would experiment with that sometime in future. He did it himself and they were wonderful. Even if they had sucked, what a sweet guy to try making something like that for me. :) I'm lucky.

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