Saturday, December 27, 2008


Sadekat asked me yesterday if I eat eggs, or said something like "you don't eat eggs, do you". That put eggs on my brain today so guess what's for lunch? Yep, 3 boiled eggs. I can't say that I love eggs all the time, but I don't hate them and I do like them once in a while just plain and boiled, or fried well done or over easy, or scrambled, or probably just about any other way except drinking them raw like body builders do *shudder*. I don't care for deviled eggs, but that isn't the eggs' fault. I can't stand mustard and don't care for mayo ... the two ingredients that seem to appear in deviled eggs more than any. I'm a plain egg lover. They don't need to be fancy. The photo is of my lunch today. It was simple and yummy.

[ 1g ] peanut butter
[ 2g ] 3 eggs (I rounded up for carbs)
[ 2g ] spicy ground beef
[ 1g ] diced onion
[ 6g ] brussels sprouts
[ 0 ] coconut oil
=====TOTAL 12 carbs=====


  1. LOL! I swear, I have never seen eggs on your menu! I thought yesterday, "is it possible to be a low carber and NOT eat eggs!??" I guess you do eat eggs, my apologies :D

  2. I really don't eat them outside of recipes much anymore ... I think I burnt out on them in the beginning weeks. I used 5 eggs in my nut cake though. :) And I use them when I make cheesecake, and when I make 1-minute muffins (I haven't had those in a good while either, burnt out.) They were good today and I'm glad you mentioned it. I thought you might be suggesting that I do that egg-only challenge to break this apparent semi-slowloss-stall.


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