Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This has nothing to do with LC, but I am more than the sum of my weight after all. :)

Ghost Hunters International (sci-fi television "reality" show) starts a new season Wednesday of next week. There is one team member who has been a continual screw-up since I started watching Ghost Hunters TAPS. His name is Brian and he's left the show several times and come back several times. He's the drama in the soap opera of Ghost Hunters and he was also a big reason why I liked the show.

I like all of the guys on the team, but Brian just brings that bit of real personality like what Barney Fife brought to the Andy Griffith Show, if you know what I mean. Or like what Gilligan brought to Gilligan's Island. Just a lovable screw-up that is fun to watch. With Ghost Hunters, since it is supposed to be a real and serious investigation, Brian's screw-ups were not that funny to the rest of the team.

Anyway, GHI is a new team which takes the TAPS name overseas and investigates claims of hauntings in numerous countries. Brian was sent to be a part of that team, leaving the original TAPS to exist without his constant drama. The show continues without him and although I still enjoy it, I've missed him being a part of it. GHI became my favorite show at that point, I like the new overseas team and I liked that Brian was a part of that new team. I still love the original team too.

Long story short, Brian went missing from GHI and no one on the program even acknowledged where he was or why he was gone. Upsetting! Even if he screwed up so badly that they booted him, I feel they should have explained to the viewers why he was no longer there.

And longer story short, Brian has been in the previews for the new season! I don't know if they were just using old footage or if he will really be back. I'm excited that he might be back. Luvs ya Brian!

And where do I stand on the subject of ghosts? I stand firmly on the "I don't know" square. I find it extremely interesting but I doubt I could actually be convinced. I guess that makes me an intrigued skeptic.

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