Monday, December 29, 2008

Here we go ...

[ 0 ] can of tuna

[ .6 ] 1 egg
[ 0 ] steak-ums
[ 1g ] 2 slices of cheddar
[ 1g ] eighth of a cup of diced onion
[ 0 ] can of tuna
TOTAL 2.6 carbs, 866 calories

Notes on breakfast: My cat goes into an excited fit whenever I grab a can of tuna from the cupboard. Because of this, I'm always guilted into sharing some by either allowing him to lick the lid (I buy those plastic containers with the peel off top) or perhaps putting a small bit in a bowl for him. This only increases his expectation for tuna next time he sees me pull one out of the cabinet. He's spoiled ROTTEN!

Thoughts on lunch: Well, there is a box of steak-ums in the freezer. The affordable steak option. That, cheddar cheese and a tiny bit of diced onion would be a good 2 carb lunch.

Thoughts on dinner: maybe that other boiled egg and a can of tuna. I can hear the cat mewing in expectation at my thoughts.

That would be a 3.2 carb day. *sigh* I can do it. I actually did lose half a pound as of this morning. I don't like to count the halves though. But secretly, I have 1.5 pounds to meet my December goal ... and 3 days until January. December 30 is our wedding anniversary though. It probably wouldn't be very romantic to share a can of tuna with Cro for our anniversary dinner. Considering his tooth, maybe we should share something liquid like a protein shake. Why are the majority of life's celebrations tied to food?


  1. you can do it! i am already impressed by your extreme low carb self challenge, i hope it kicks those 2 pounds to the curb.

  2. Sadie is so tuned into the tuna can she can sense me reaching for it in the pantry. You have to go watch this video:

  3. Thanks Smbdy. :) I'm not doing this more than a day ... I don't think that low is good for me to carry on for long, but that's my fault for not figuring out how to stay that low in carbs but raise my calories some (866 is way too low). I did it though, and proud of myself for the day's count. I hope it does kick those 2 pounds to the curb.

    Donna, my cat has a sixth sense regarding tuna too. Or he just reads a lot more of my body language than I give him credit for. They are amazingly smart, aren't they? I loved that video. Tuna is cocaine for cats!


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