Monday, December 8, 2008

I decided to make tuna patties yesterday evening to take to work for lunch today. I had the egg all beaten with the spices, mixed in the shredded cheese, went to the cabinet to grab a can of tuna and oops! No tuna.

After pacing around from cabinet to cabinet in search of tuna that I knew wasn't there I finally started thinking about what I was going to do with that beaten egg mixed with shredded cheese. Hmm, after looking in the fridge I came up with a plan to chop up a tuna-can sized portion of the leftover roast beef and make the same tuna patty recipe, substituting beef. In the last moment I decided to spoon in a bit of the roast beef gravy, bad idea because they didn't need the extra moisture. I'm sure they will taste good for lunch anyway.

[ 0 ] small spoonful of coconut oil (eww)
[ 1g ] LC peanut butter
[ 1g ] cheddar
[ 4g ] 2 not-tuna, roast beef patties
[ 2g ] coconut biscuit
[ 0 ] steak
[ 8g ] LC chocolate ice cream
[ 1g ] peanut butter
=====TOTAL 17 carbs=====


  1. I like the tuna-beef patties.
    Does the food taste like coconut? I have a friend that puts the coconut oil on his toast every morning. He loves it. His wife likes it on her skin and lips. Melts fast on the skin. She always smells good too.

  2. Hehe sometimes the best meals come from running out of things :)

  3. Erika, I was excited to be able to improvise, it was fun and good too. :)

    margie, the biscuits do have a coconut flavor and aroma. I've also noticed that after eating plain coconut oil, my breath has a coconut aroma for a good while and feels cool and refreshing. Swallowing it straight from the jar is still tough though! Sadekat tells me it took her several days to learn to like it.


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