Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I woke up extra early this morning with a plan to made carbquik biscuits. I did, and dang-it they turned out very very dry. On the bright side, I think they will make great breadcrumbs for something. I'll have to find a recipe that requires them soon.

The drive to new office wasn't too bad yesterday. Knock on wood that it's uneventful today too. I'm liking the new place once I get there. I miss the trees badly though. All I have to look at out the windows now is towering office buildings all around me and pedestrians below (we are on the 3rd and 4th floors of a 5 story building, so we aren't one of the towers.

Now I need to come up with a few ideas to spice up the bare walls. I didn't bother in the old place, but I had a bright yellow-orange wall behind me so it didn't feel bare at all. There is a deep red wall behind one of the other designers, and white behind the rest of the area. So, I suppose something that goes well with deep red. Maybe we'll just frame some of our work, but we'll have that all over the rest of the office so I almost think we should do something different.

[ 1g ] spoon of LC peanut butter
[ 1g ] couple of bites of dry LC biscuit
[ 0 ] bacon
[ 0 ] can of tuna
[ 6g ] LC cheesecake
[ 0 ] steakums
[ 1g ] cheese
[ 1g ] onions
[ 6g ] LC ice cream with peanut butter
=====TOTAL 16 carbs=====

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