Thursday, December 18, 2008

I would like to evolve this journal into something more about the community than just my personal triflngs. Oh I'll still bore you with my own daily happenings, but here is a little recap of what's going on in a few my Followers List journals too:

Donna (Sadekat) has a date with her husband tonight (how exciting and romantic! I love dates with my husband.) She is still going strong with her coconut oil and seems to have developed a love for it. She is doing great with her carb counts and cutting back on the gym time to save her knee from swelling. She also went to the chiropractor recently (I've never gone to one, but I hear they can do amazing things). Hmm, and she is considering getting on board with one of Jimmy Moore's sweet-free challenges. I suppose I am doing that with my "Drastic Measures" thing, though it isn't about the sweets really. I don't think the sugarfree sweets are ever going to be banished from my life, but we'll see. Good luck Donna!

Spunky little Jenn is finishing up a semester of nursing school (I think, but correct me if that isn't it!) and woke up a bit achy recently. I hope you aren't getting the flu!

CC is researching gastric bypass surgery and waiting to hear what her doctor has to say about the inflammation she is experiencing. My mom has RA, CC, I hop it isn't that but if it is, there are some great meds available. Grats on your walks! It's great to have a significant other who is so supportive! I am thankful for Cro every day.

Vikki has been doing lots of holiday baking and you definitely need to check it out. Everything this girl makes ends up looking so delicious!

Harry is closing in on the end of the working year for his company and anticipating what he called an "emotional department lunch". Good luck with that Harry and I hope the new position brings you happiness. I still have an old photo of a group of co-workers that I will never forget, even though most of them have moved on and I'm working with several different faces. Good people though, the new bonds can be just as strong with time!

Denise is celebrating success on her plan. I think she does Weight Watchers. Best of luck getting through that stressful situation, I admire how you didn't just throw in the towel for good after your brief stumble. Keep at it, things will get easier in both your job and your way of eating if you do.

Sessa sounds like me, always agonizing over a pound. Sessa I think we both need to relax and take it as a life's change and not just worry about the next pound. I know that's easier said than done. I hope I can take my own advise (but that might not be likely, hehe!). You're doing well so just keep going. Three pounds lost in a week is awesome!

Marjie just broke a plateau. OMGoodness you are doing so great! Someday soon I will be able to happily see my pounds in the 100's too. You should be so proud of no longer missing those M&Ms and being able to turn away wine. I still miss some of my old crutches, potato chips and popcorn especially, but I don't miss how sad I was being that fat. Isn't it exciting to live without constantly thinking about food?

Chai (or is it her brother) I love that you both are blogging about your weight loss together! When you spoke about new year's resolutions and that this will be the first year that it won't be focused around losing weight, I mentally cheered. I feel the same in that I don't have to resolve to do this, I've been doing it for months and I can't imagine NOT doing it. Saving money is a great resolution.

Okay, sorry these aren't in any particular order, I just started typing from back to front, I think. Keep up the great work people, you inspire me and I hope that I can do the same for you now and then! If you haven't checked out these great blogs, you can find them in my followers list in the right sidebar.


  1. I love that you did this! I have been really bad about not reading other blogs too much and I also forget to leave comments, but I do follow tons of blogs. I have a whole folder for them in my bookmarks thing-a-ma-jig!

  2. I <3 seeing you recap me!

    I finished prerequisites for the nursing program. I'll be starting my first semester in the spring. :D

    You are the greatest!!!

    Much virtual blog love for ya!!!

  3. I love this group update deal.
    Very clever.

  4. :) I'm glad you all enjoyed it. I am going to try to recap my Followers once a week. Perhaps I'll think of something more to write about that will involve more than just my daily doings as well.


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