Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm holding steady with the loss today ... which is good, better than it bouncing up and down. I brought tuna for lunch again and asked Cro if we could have an extra LC dinner (just meat or meat with no more than 8ish carbs additional). He's a great guy.

Cans of tuna for a meal is saving money too. And since Cro is still looking for a job, money is starting to become a worry. We don't spend for much, but when we have to start worrying about the cost of groceries it's a somber feeling. Darn economy.

Christmas is just around the corner. Mom and dad are excited about seeing us and my sister. We are excited to see them too! Cro and I didn't buy gifts for each other this year, but I can't wait to see mom, dad and sister open the gifts we got for them. Giving has always been one of the delights of the holiday for me. We were a little more frugal than usual this year, but I shopped with care and I know that everything will be a happy surprise, appreciated and used. :)

[ 1g ] LC peanut butter
[ 0 ] tuna
[ 1g ] cheese
[ 3g ] chicken cordon bleu (sooo good) chicken, ham, feta cheese
=====TOTAL 5 carbs=====


  1. Hi, Sounds like a great day of eats! It's also great that you're able to keep your spending under control (most importantly at this time of year) when you need to like now. I hope Cro finds work soon. Is he getting many bites?

  2. I'm sure he will find something soon, he's amazingly talented. This was supposed to be his opportunity to cast off the "it will do" job that he took when he moved his life here from Georgia, and to be able to look for something better. We planned this but we didn't plan the economy to fall so hard. He wouldn't have taken the risk if we'd known that was going to happen. We will be just fine. :)


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