Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Dec 22nd, and there is no goal in site. Ah well, I'm just going to keep on trucking and I'm sure it will have to come off at some point. Maybe all of the fat cells have linked hands and made a chain so that no one will fall overboard during "Drastic Measures". Darn them. I'd even toss them some of those nifty life preserver rings if they would agree to vacate and float on down to someone who wants them. Hang on little fat cells, hang on ... (maniacal laugh) but the waves aren't stopping. No way.

[ 5g ] LC pound cake
[ 0 ] ground beef
[ 1g ] spices (probably less carbs than that, but I like to round up
[ 3g ] roast beef, onions, radishes
[ 3g ] half piece of LC pound cake
=====TOTAL 12 carbs=====

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