Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've been thinking about my MS (multiple sclerosis) lots lately, and how I've not had any new flair ups since starting low carb last June. In fact, the past couple of years, prior to the steroid treatment I had in October of 2007, were a continuous series of one exacerbation after another. They got so bad that I actually was crippled, though I told no one but Cro. I went to one of those scooter store places (the ones for handicapped people) and tried out a cane with the feet for unstable walkers. I was too embarassed to purchase it and to walk out into the real world with an obvious indication of handicap. I left the store without purchasing the cane, limping, and went home to cry.

That was my lowest point. I have never let myself show that I have MS ... you would never ever know that I have it, until that point. What was happening to me in that flair up was not something I could hide. I finally got the steroid treatment and oh wow, life turned around fast. Most of my limp vanished shortly (within a week) after getting the treatment. I'm still stuck with residual effects when I overheat ... lack of balance and a reimerging limp, but once again you would never know in most situations. I think those residual effects are permanent ... but if I can keep it from getting worse I can live with that. :) I just have to keep from overdoing things and keep from walking very far.

Life is great and I don't know which thing is responsible. It could be that the disease had it's fun for a rough couple of years and then it decided to leave me alone for awhile after that last steroid treatment. Or it could be that this LC lifestyle is keeping it at bay. I've never gone so long without having an exacerbation so I think it's the LC way of eating that has put a damper on the MS.

Thank you LC lifestyle, you are giving me my self-confidence back in more ways than just weight loss. I wish everyone who has MS could know about this way of eating, and just give it a try.

<3 LC


  1. Hey girl,
    I'm so very happy that you've been doing so very well. I have a cousin with MS so I've seen first hand what a cruel disease it CAN be, I'm so thankful your doing so well.
    I've found that eating low carb has helped me with a whole myriad of things. From pimples to stomach cramps.
    I'll keep you in my prayers and that you never suffer again as you did before.

    I'm also very sorry you felt to ashamed to get the walking stick. I use a cruch but then it's for two different things, no way I can hid my hideously deformed legs. The hardest thing I ever did was start using a wheel chair, but it's opened up my life and I'm no longer stuck in this house 24-7. I'm just glad you were able to beat it.
    Big hugs, have a wonderful Christmas and take care
    btw thank you for stopping by, I got your comment today. Since my computer decided to cooperate...giggle

  2. aww, you are such a sweetheart Vikki.

    Thank you for the kind thoughts. I know that if things hadn't turned around for me that I would have gotten over the self-consciousness of needing an assistance tool (cane, walker or wheelchair). I still love shopping carts for the sheer joy of using them as a walker as I get groceries.

    When I was at that horrible low point, I actually had to call for the nurses to wheel me in and out to and from the parking lot for the IV solu-med (steroid) treatment. They were so super nice and won a place in my heart. Once the steroids reduced the inflamed area of my brain enough for my legs and balance to start working semi-well again, the nurses expressed their delight that I was able to walk on my own again.

    I have a new appreciation for my own ability to endure now ... and an even greater admiration of those who are able to keep kicking against the greatest obstacles with a smile and compassion for others. I see you must be one of those special people, just from knowing you here in blog. You seem like a strong lady with a will of steel and a heart of gold.

    Merry Christmas to you as well. :)


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