Sunday, December 21, 2008

I've been working all day today and have more to do before I call it good. I'll probably continue working on this project over my holiday vacation but at least it will have my full attention while I'm at home (so I expect to get lots done). Drastic Measures wasn't so drastic today due to that darn Dixie Carb Counters pound cake. I must say that it's much more delicious cold than it was warm out of the oven. Odd. I've always been a fan of chilled zucchini bread though, so I suppose a moist chilled cake takes me back. Ahh, carb days. Carb days no more! I'm happy eating LC and I think it's going to stay with me for life.

Of these three meals, the roast beef with radishes and onions was the best. I didn't have it for dinner because I don't want it to be all gone too fast. I had a piece of pound cake instead. The roast beef will be something to look foward to for dinner tomorrow night!

Ha! Cro just finished filling up an iPod shuffle that we are giving to my little sister for Christmas. We used his iPhone earbuds (so we wouldn't have to open hers) to take a listen and oooh, I think I want one someday. It's so tiny! And holds a ton of music.

[ 5g ] LC pound cake
[ 0 ] roast beef
[ 1g ] radishes
[ 1g ] onion
[ 5g ] LC pound cake
=====TOTAL 12 carbs=====


  1. Where do you find the LC pound cake?
    Do you make it yourself?
    If so can you share the recipe?

  2. This one was actually a box mix from the "Dixie Carb Counters" brand. I'm going to make one from scratch over Christmas and hope it turns out as well. If so, I'll post what recipe I use! :)


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