Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Money. Food. Exercise.

I typed "low cost" into the little LC search box to the right over there ---> and found some articles on how to cut food bills. Among the usual ways, look for sales, clip coupons, buy whole chickens and de-bone them yourself, I stumbled across a term I hadn't heard before. "Freegan". Apparently freegans are those people who dumpster dive (eww), forage for wild food (yeah, I lived on a farm with hunters in the family, but I can't do that in the city), barter or trade for food (isn't that what working is for?), or garden (great idea, but it's middle of winter here).

Well, interesting, but I kept browsing and rediscovered Goodwill Outlet store! I've been wanting to go there (a brand new one was built near my location last summer) and see what it's like. I went to their website and I'm even more intrigued. The website says to wear gloves because you will be sorting through unsorted bins of items, to plan a few hours to shop because it is very disorganized, and to hold on tight to whatever you find and want to buy because the other shoppers can get aggressive (yikes!). I picture it like 24/7 Christmas shopping but with items sold by the pound instead of brand new and expensive.

I'd love to see if they have an exercise bike that is still in good working condition. I can't walk far but I'll bet I could sit on a stationary bike and move the peddles around for a bit. :D

Speaking of exercise, I did 102 revolutions of my elliptical peddles this morning. Thank goodness for the handles to give some steadiness and to keep my legs from buckling under me! haha. I felt great once I cooled off again, and felt like I'd taken another move toward accomplishing something good.

[ 3.5g ] a slice of Celebration Cheesecake
[ 0 ] steak-ums
[ 1.5g ] cheddar and provolone
[ 2g ] diced onion
[ 3.5g ] a slice of Celebration Cheesecake
[ 1g ] LC peanut butter
TOTAL 11.5 carbs


  1. I wish we were closer... I have access to an unused stationary bike. I personally despise them however I adore elliptical.

    I *suppose* it'll be a New Years Resolution to get my fat butt up there a few times a week.

    We'll see, we'll see.

  2. I actually found a stationary bike ... I'll blog about it tomorrow. :) I do like my elliptical so might end up that I favor that, but I'll give the bike a bit of a chance before I decide.

    And yay, Jenn is back (or maybe you were never gone, just quiet in the blogosphere).


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