Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sadekat recently posted about snoring. I also used to snore, and talk in my sleep. Cro reports that I haven't snored and not talked in my sleep in a few months. That is very very unusual for me considering that I snored bigtime before going back to LC and because I would talk responding to whatever I'm dreaming. I sometimes would wake myself up snoring or talking.

Plan "Drastic Measures" might have to get a little more drastic. I have 2 weeks to lose 6 pounds if I'm going to meet my December goal. I have the cans of tuna stocked up, so plan to see more of those show up in my food counts in the upcoming 2 weeks.

I need to work all day again today. I made great progress yesterday, but I would like to double that before tomorrow. Next week is going to be stressful enough as is, so anything I can make good progress over this weekend will be a tremendous help.

Christmas is middle of next week, can you believe it? I have put in for Dec 24th - Jan 2nd off work. OMG that will be awesome! But I can't think about that now ... too much work to do before it gets here!

[ 3g ] coconut bark (a tasty way to get in some coconut oil)
[ 0 ] can of tuna
[ 1g ] cheese
[ 0 ] ground beef
[ 0 ] capful of Davinci SF French Vanilla syrup - guilty secret, I used to love honey on burgers ... I just tried Davinci SF syrup instead and OMG yum!
[ 2g ] 1/4 cup of diced onion (I love this onion guide by Lisa Shea)
[ 1g ] cheese
=====TOTAL 7 carbs=====


  1. That is a neat trick! I'll give it a whirl... I don't have vanilla but I do have a few other flavors AND pancake syrup...

  2. I sprinkled a bit on each side of my burgers when they were nearly done, then let them sizzle a little longer. I think I'm a caramelization junky. I love things that have been cooked until they have that sweet caramelized seared yumminess. I always thought I was odd for liking sweet with meats. But it's good! And still low carb.


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