Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well, the day is better already. I took Cro to an Immediadent office and now he is resting with(out) a brand new extracted tooth, and with antibiotics and pain meds. Oooh, it was scary bad this morning. He had a thick line of hard swelling from the tooth all the way up to the inner corner of his right eye. Scary because if we'd let it go much longer it might have caused blindness in that eye or the pain and stress could have caused a heart attack. >.< The cost wasn't bank-breaking ... just a few hundred dollars. I'm so relieved that he got it taken care of and can now concentrate on recovering rather than existing in pain. Facial pain is supposedly the worst.


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  2. It works it works!

    Glad Cro is doing better!

    Love your new blog layout. I was thinking about changing mine for the new year, now I am really inspired. I spent a couple of hours looking online for templates but haven't found anything special yet.


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