Monday, December 29, 2008

What to do, what to do

I want to bust these sticky, clingy 2 pounds right off my bod. Now, how to do that?

I've had advice to up my carbs, sort of a carb cycling thing, which is supposed to reset my body into paying attention when I go back to induction-level carbs afterwards. Well, theoretically that is super tempting. A day to eat in moderation some things that I have given up for the last 7 months. I could have something with rice, or something as a real sandwich. Very tempting BUT I haven't been able to actually take the step to do that. :/ I guess I've brainwashed myself and tremble in fear of having a portion controlled "normal" eating day. I'm way too afraid that the theoritical result won't work for me, that rather than sending me back into easy losing mode, it might just put 5 pounds back into the coffer (coffer = my bod!).

The second bit of advice I was given from a different source is to go ultra low-carb. This option might work, and it is probably the option I will try. The thought of a 2 or 3 carb day is rather depressing considering that I'm also trying to keep the food budget ultra low, so no steak. Even 3 kosher beef franks (3 carbs total) would be the balance of my day. I'll give it some serious thought this morning and see what I can come up with that wouldn't leave me depressed for lack of food all day. I don't know that lower carbs than what I've been doing will work. I often think that perhaps I'm not eating enough and therefore putting my metabolism into lockdown.

Blogging about things tends to lead me to perform well because I feel like I have an audience. Whichever way I choose, it will be recorded right here soon! Knowing that there are other people out there on this battlefield is an awesome feeling. We are a bit like the Band of Brothers (television war series that my dad loves to watch) ... sisters, whateva! :)

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