Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What will the next 5 months bring?

June 1, 2009 will be my 1 year anniversary of low carb. So what will the next five months bring? I hope it's all good! The last few years have been rather rough with being overweight and dwindling savings, but I've taken control of at least this one aspect of my life and committed to low carb. I'm also learning PHP, but that's another story. :)

In five months I will be at the cusp of the one year mark since going back to LC. I wonder what the future will bring. Realistically I will not be finished losing weight at that time, but I should be darn close. If I can manage to keep up with 10 pound a month losses I will be within a few pounds of where I'll probably start maintenance. If it slows to only 5 pound a month losses, well, I'll still have about half a year more to keep losing weight.

I'm going to strive to hang on to that 10 pound a month loss rate, but that may mean finding a way to add exercise into my routine and not just relying on what I eat (and don't eat) as I have been doing for the last 7 months. Exercise is very difficult to add in since my MS turns into a monster when I get hot. Some would recommend that I start going to a swimming pool, and that's a great idea, except that I still wouldn't be caught dead in a bathing suite! :o Plus, I don't have a pool so I would have to pay to use someone elses, and if it's too much hassle I'm less likely to do it. I wish one of you lived close enough that we could become gym buddies, that would be great motivation.

I think I will just dust off the old elliptical strider and try to use that each morning. Hey, any little bit has got to be better than nothing. I did 10 minutes of elliptical this morning and though I had rubber-band legs by the time I finished (wobbly to the extreme), I was safe in my house so nothing to worry about when I got limpy.

Rather than counting minutes (which is sooo boring) I think I will count revolutions. I did 100 revolutions (pair of steps) this morning. I'll try to add 2 each day so tomorrow will be 102 and next Tuesday I should be up to 114. That may be slow, but I've got to be cautious. :P

I felt the burn before I finished and my heart rate was up for a good 10 minutes so I'd say that is a good start. Hmm, I think I just came up with my second resolution for the new year. :)

1. Learn PHP
2. Use elliptical each morning

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