Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another day in a line of indeterminate length

Lots of meetings today. I almost typed beatings, same same.

TUESDAY's (today's!) EATs
[ 5g ] LC ice cream
[ 1g ] LC peanut butter
[ 0 ] roast turkey
[ 4g ] green beans with tiny amount of carrots
[ 2g ] cheese
[ 4g ] kosher beef franks
[ 4g ] diced onions
TOTAL 20 carbs


  1. I hate meetings. Everybody talking just to hear themselves speak. Half the meeting wasted scheduling the next one...

  2. That's pretty much how it was, and 30 minutes or so planning topics to talk about in future meetings.

    One of my meetings was pretty cool though. I really do like what I do, I just have so much of it to do that stopping to talk shop is more stressful than doing the work. I grudgingly see the value in it. :)

    Thanks for commenting Carlos. I need to read more of your blog soon, so far you really crack me up and I love it!

  3. lol @ meetings / beatings ... same same ... I agree

  4. hehe, the drive home was worse than the meetings. too much snow!!!


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