Thursday, January 15, 2009


I made some lemon flaxseed muffins last night to help with breakfast choices. I tried one right out of the oven and it was very good. The next morning they were dry and hard so I crumbled one for use in making tuna patties.

Why were they dry? Probably because I didn't follow directions, as usual. I added a fourth cup of erythritol rather than the 3 packets of splenda. I also didn't have heavy cream so decided that hmm, bakers use Miracle Whip in certain chocolate cakes to add moisture ... I'll try a Tbsp of that!

I don't care for Miracle Whip and we only have it in the fridge because Cro does like it, so I was surprised at the "eww" face he gave me when I told him that I used a bit in the muffins. lol. I think they tasted just fine the first evening. I think they were dry this morning because of the erythritol having a "drying out" effect. Don't know, that's my best guess. They made good breadcrumbs for tuna cakes. :D


[ 1.5g ] a single tuna patty
[ 4g ] tuna patties with cheddar cheese
[ 2g ] roast beef with radishes
[ 3g ] LC ice cream bar
[ 2g ] LC peanut butter

TOTAL 12.5 carbs


  1. LOL. That's SO funny! When I first read that they were dry, I was surprised..well..until I finished the next paragraph. I would try the splenda nex time. Mine don't get dry and we use a batch for 3 or 4 days!

  2. should follow directions! I know. :)

  3. Here's my recipe for a quickie microwave version.

    2 tlbs butter
    1 egg
    1 splash davinci's (flavor of your choice in lieu of sweetener)


    1/4 cup flaxseed
    1/2 tsp baking powder


    add the wet and dry, mix thoroughly, usual direction says microwave one minute but my microwave is old so it takes 2 - 2.5 minutes.

    I have the whole thing cooked and ready to go in about 5 minutes. :D

    I've also added a tbls of blueberries for a blueberry muffin. :D

  4. Baking is pretty unforgiving. I've learned that the hard way - baking with coconut flour and a variety of sweeteners. :)

    At least nothing went to waste!

    Take good care, October.


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