Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy stress day ... but I can handle it. :) I'm in a fairy good mood for a poor girl. I don't know why I'm in a good mood, the scale hasn't budged and I'm only on day three of no ice cream and no peanut butter week. Almost half through it and doing fine I suppose. Can't wait until next Monday.

I lie! I can't wait until the weekend as usual. I think I'll make another one of those Dixie Carb Counter cake mixes to get my mind off the ice cream all weekend. We'll see. Some good LC chocolate would also do the trick.

Good grief I don't know how some of you get through that "Sweet Free Challenge" thing. I have no desire to give up legal LC sweets.

Back on the stress theme - dad had his cardiac stress tests yesterday, performed by the doctor that he trusts. He'll get the results on the 28th and if good, can perhaps move forward with getting surgery for his slipped discs. *crosses fingers that all goes well*
Dad mentioned that the stress tests were easier on him than he thought they would be and that they didn't leave him feeling bad. That's good!

I guess I'll immerse myself in this deadline work now. Have a great day everyone. Share some of this inexplicable good mood while it lasts!

[ 8g ] toasted cheese on LC bread (why is it called toasted cheese? it's the bread that toasts, the cheese just melts)
[ 0 ] tuna (my cat showed great delight when I took the can out of the cupboard. he showed perplexity when I popped it into my lunch box)
[ 4g ] 4 kosher franks
[ 2g ] diced onions
[ 1g ] shredded cheese

impromptu chocolate pudding (of sorts):
[ 1g ] 1 packet of splenda
[ 0 ] 1/2 TBSP Walden Farms caramel sauce
[ 1g ] 1 TBSP cacoa
[ 0 ] 1 tsp Tortani hazelnut syrup
[ 1g ] 1 TBSP erythrytol

TOTAL 18 carbs


  1. Good news about your dad and your mood. :)

    Inexplicably good moods are some of the best kind. *

    * Unless accompanied by excessive, maniacal laughter. :)

    Hope you have a good rest o' the day.

  2. Thanks Harry.

    The good mood lasted until about 4:45, when I got word that I have two meetings tomorrow, one of which will consist of brainstorming and afterward require creative concepting that is to be presented at the following meeting, 1.5 hours later. Not taking into account that I have a full day and deadline for another project due tomorrow.

    Stressful evening ... or maybe I just relax and worry about it in the morning.

    Hope your day was better!


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