Wednesday, January 7, 2009

<3 Dad & Mom

Dad gets to come home from the hospital tomorrow mom thinks. He isn't fixed, but what he has isn't fixable (emphysema). He now has a broken nose that he didn't have when he went into the hospital to begin with. But at least he gets to go home soon. He fell trying to walk to the bathroom resulting in the broken nose. :( He is in the intensive care unit so I'm not sure why he was allowed to walk to the bathroom by himself.

His blood pressure is back down, his potassium is up from a dangerously low level, and he's in good spirits (fractures and all!).

I sent a link to mom about "aspartame and MS" and she called to give me her loving shoulder to cry on. Aren't parents great. :) She is swearing off aspartame too. She took a couple of photos of dad with his broken nose but couldn't figure out how to use the dock to get them off of the camera. That's ok, I don't really want to see dad all banged up like that anyway!

Oooh, I watched a show last night about this couple who were challenged to lose weight before their wedding. It was some intensive workouts like on The Biggest Loser. The instructors scolded the couple on the second phase of the challenge because they were supposed to up their calories but they didn't do it for fear of gaining. This put them into a stall! That makes me wonder if all the slowness I've been experiencing might be because I'm not eating enough (not the first time I've wondered that). So, I think I will try going back up to 20 carbs a day for awhile and see how that works out. I've been going ultra-low lately but it's not only tough, I haven't really been losing faster either.


[ 3.5 ] second to last piece of LC cheesecake
[ 0 ] tuna
[ 1g ] 2 slices of cheddar
[ 3g ] 3 kosher beef franks
[ 2g ] diced onions
[ 5g ] brussels sprouts
[ 5.5g ] LC ice cream bar with peanut butter

TOTAL 20 carbs

I actually felt guilty for eating 20 carbs today ... but the ultra low route isn't working consistently so I'm going to give this a try again. It worked well for 7 months!


  1. I hope this adjustment helps speed your loss, October.

    Are you planning on significantly upping your calories as well? Or, will it only be an increase in the amount of carbs?

  2. Hi Oct,

    That's a really good observation you've made about your weight and you're absolutely spot on - why do something that's not working? :)

    Sad to hear about your dad, I hope he starts feeling better soon.


  3. Harry - I think by upping the carbs I am also upping the calories by default (I'm eating a bit more food to get to 20 carbs than I was at 5 carbs). I don't plan to monitor the calories (but my plans tend to change).

    Erika - Thanks for your well wishes for my dad. I do think he's feeling much better since they got his blood pressure and potassium levels back to normal. He has a sense of humor about the broken nose. :)


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