Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day two of no LC ice cream and no LC peanut butter. *sigh*
Why do I think of The Simpsons version of The Shining when I say that?

"No TV and no beer make Homer something something."
"Go crazy?"
"Don't mind if I do! RAWR!"

Gotta love Homer. :)

I had 2 eggs for breakfast and I made half of a cheese sandwich for lunch. I'm hungry just thinking about my day. :P But that's a good thing, isn't it? Yeah.

[ 1g ] eggs
I ate my lunch way too early and now I'm very hungry. :) Ah well, I knew I would be. I hope the scale treats me well tomorrow.
[ 5g ] one slice of LC bread
[ 1g ] two slices of cheddar
not yet but I plan to have:
[ 0 ] leftover steak! yum! Budget notes: Steak on sale works out to be $2 per meal and lasts for 2 meals each (2 for Cro and 2 for me)
[ 5g ] yummy brussels sprouts
[ 1g ] cheese

TOTAL 13 carbs


  1. Nice looking menu, Oct.

    Funny Simpsons reference. I could picture it perfectly in my fuzzy head! :)

  2. Too funny. I hope you do well with no ice cream or pb.

    I had left over chicken ala king for lunch and bbq brisket with garlic coleslaw and country style green beans. I made the cole slaw and beans, we picked up the bbq on the way home from the hospital and I missed breakfast

  3. Harry - Simpsons have a reference for just about everything in life. :)

    Vikki - yum! bbq and country style green beans. :9


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