Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Photo: our walk-out basement mess including my elliptical and "new" stationary bike.

Hope you find 2009 to be a good one ... me too.

I ventured out to Goodwill Outlet store yesterday afternoon in search of a cheap stationary bike. I found several and left with the one that seemed to be in the best condition. It cost six dollars. Unbelievable! :D I have to find a bolt (there is one missing) to keep the seat secure. And the seat is way too high so I need to adjust that down or else grow longer legs, hehe. I'm 5'3" and I think someone 6' must have owned the bike last.

But $6 ... even if it sucks I don't regret buying it. Cro said he is going to move all of our exercise equipment out of the dining room and also out of the basement and into our empty extra bedroom. Well, right now that room houses our guitars. He thinks that will be nicer for me so I don't have to traverse the stairway right after a workout when my legs become weak and wobbly like rubber bands. It will also free up our dining room (the bowflex is the main resident of the room at present time and we don't have the compact model).

I'm excited at the thought of having a fitness room.

I went to the grocery store after buying the bike and discovered that chuck was on sale. YAY! I was getting tired of steak-ums and also of cans of tuna. So I bought a nice looking chuck roast and some ground chuck (which I hope is good, I normally buy ground round or ground sirloin which is more expensive). I also bought some yellow bell peppers so I think we'll have stuffed peppers today. Yum. We still have several onions and radishes, so those will go nice in the roast later this week. :9 Also I bought some diet A&W root beer to silence my diet root beer craving. The only bad thing about it is that it is sweetened with aspartame. I gave up aspartame months ago! Hoping that it doesn't give me a headache ... I hate that poisonous stuff.

Tomorrow Cro is taking me out to Brugge Brasserie to finally celebrate our anniversary. That is going to be so awesome and romantic!


  1. Happy New Year!!! ... I always complain about home fitness equipment being entirely too expensive ... but it never dawned on me to try a thrift/consignment store ... I'm on my way out now to see what I can find!!! ...

  2. Thank you. :) Ooh, the Goodwill outlet also had a BowFlex, older model but it looked like it was in great condition. Good luck and post if you find anything good!


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