Saturday, January 3, 2009

hello ONEderland

"Pass the sugar" demanded the Hatter.
"Are you mad??" replied Alice. There is no sugar in ONEderland! ... pass him the Stevia, rabbit."
"One drop or two?"

I am 199 this morning. I'm not going to celebrate too hard since it might not stick (grumble) but then again it might. This is the first time in several years that I've seen a 1 in front of my weight. It feels good!

I'm back to work Monday and it will likely be hellish with new projects and catching up on the old for a few weeks. I've been on holiday/vacation since Christmas Eve. I can't say it was a fun-filled holiday since Cro had such tooth issues, but I greatly enjoyed visiting mom and dad and also did accomplish defogging PHP a bit. Beginning to learn PHP was one of my main goals for the time off. Lots to learn yet, but it's no longer intimidating. I tackled getting to know the basic principles of the language and am pleased with my success. I set up my Apache server, configured it to recognize php, installed php and wrote a couple of basic programs. Yes, I'm on my way.

Even though the coming weeks will be stressful, I can take joy in being in the 100's now. Woot! Christmas isn't quite over yet either. Matt and I still need to get together and exchange gifts. I think we'll do that next week. Matt has been my best friend since jr college. 1988 was the year we met I believe. In roller skating class! Yeah, we had to take two physical ed classes per year and I chose roller skating as one of them. It was actually great fun (and I ended up with a life-long friend).


[ 0 ] tuna
[ 0 ] small bit of very sharp aged cheese
[ 3.5g ] LC cheesecake
[ 1g ] LC peanut butter
[ o ] roast beef
[ 1g ] radishes
[ 1g ] cheese
[ 3g ] LC peanut butter

TOTAL 9.5 carbs


  1. Oh congrats! That is awesome! I miss Onederland.

  2. woo hoo!! that's great oct!

    and i'm sooo jealous :)

  3. Thank you all. I'm very happy to finally be here again and even more so that I found such great people here in the blog world!

  4. That's fantastic. You are an insiration to me.

  5. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I still need binoculars to see that place, but I know I'll get there soon enough.

    Enjoy your last weekend of freedom before heading back to work!

  6. Great news!!! This lets me know that where you must've started is not far from where I am now.

    You're an inspiration!!

  7. Wooo hooo way to go girl! That's fantastic!
    Hmmm Onelander I think I visited there briefly in jr. high...giggle

  8. That's fantastic news, October! One day, I hope to see that illusive "1" on the scale as well. :)

    Continued success!

  9. Thank you all so very much. I have a long way yet to go, so this is only one milestone (but a very cool one!)


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