Saturday, January 24, 2009

I made these this morning to help combat my desire for LC ice cream and peanut butter this weekend. They aren't bad. 2 net carbs each for 9 servings ... I made 12 servings so they are 1.5 carbs each. There is a bit of a soy taste to the cake, but the frosting covers that taste well. I don't like these as well as the yellow cake version, but they aren't bad at all.

Cro is making a turkey breast for us for dinner. :D

[ 3g ] 2 LC snackin' cupcakes
[ 0 ] roast turkey breast
[ 5g ] brussels sprouts
[ 2g ] cheese
[ 0 ] turkey breast
[ 1g ] cheese
[ 1.5 ] LC snackin' cupcake
TOTAL 12.5 carbs


  1. OH, Do those ever look good!

    Hope they did the trick.

    Where did you get them?

  2. oh, by the way I forgot to ask about your low carb bread. Are you making that or buying it? We have some around here called Healthy Life LC bread..its pretty good. Just wondering if it is the same. We can get ours at the discount bread store. It's day old but a lot cheaper and still just as good. :) have a great day.

  3. I bought the mix from also sells the mix and I'm sure you can find them through amazon marketplace and other places too.

    I did like them, but would have made a cake rather than cupcakes if I could do-over. I filled the mini muffin pan too full and they muffin-topped all over the place!

  4. I'm pretty sure that's it. Healthy Life 35 or something like that. It's 5 carbs per slice. I also make biscuits with carbquik, but the bread is store bought.

  5. Tasty looking treats. :)

    Good job on staying PB and ice cream free!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  6. Thanks Harry. Who would've thunk it would be so difficult. :) Looking forward to Monday (can't believe I said that! haha)

    Hope you had a great weekend. Mine has been enjoyable so far.


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