Monday, January 26, 2009

Looking up?

Cro got a couple of calls for job interviews. I hope one of them pans out well! I am so proud of that man and love him very much. Keep your fingers crossed for us. :)


  1. good luck good luck!

    Not just that he gets the job, but that it's the right job for him!

    Nothing worse than getting a bad job!


  2. I got my fingers, toes, eyes all crossed!

  3. Thank you so much girlies. :) You both mean a lot to me and it's awesome to have the support of my friends.

    Jenn - I'm hoping the same!

    Sadekat - you crack me up. :D And that's good stress relief!

  4. That's fantastic news, Oct! :)

    I will hope, with all my might, for the best possible outcome.

  5. Thanks Harry! I'm hoping hoping hoping too.


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