Friday, January 23, 2009

<3 Mom and Dad

My mom just sent me this email in response to my telling her than I'm losing slower and only down another 5 pounds since Christmas:

Do you know how many people consider themselves as a hopeless case? Emptied of any expectancy for ever getting down to a normal weight? You are Tracy a success. You're amazing in Scott and My eyes, trust me. Your 85lbs. down from what you were! Your looks, health and a feeling that you don't have to accept less than you deserve. This is all good. Love mom

I love my mom and dad and am so blessed to have them.


  1. hehe, me too! She is 65 yrs old, walks 5 miles a day, has a body that a teen would envy (but gray hair and wrinkles like the senior citizen that she is). She has two horses and rides them still. She's very active and strong. I'll be lucky if I age as well as she has!

  2. Your Mom is one smart cookie! I love her already!

  3. she would love hearing you say that. :) she has a bit of a complex about her intelligence. she is actually VERY wise though, and i love her too.

  4. What a great response from your mom! Sometimes parents just know exactly what to say.

    Congrats on your loss! A loss is a loss, I say! :)

  5. What a wonderful mom. So accepting and loving. You are one lucky girl.

  6. Harry - it's nice to have people who think the world of me. BTW, it struck me as when I read "congrats on your loss" that we are probably one of the only venues in which that can be said and the appropriate response is "thank you". Thank you! :)

    Graciela - she is wonderful, so is dad. Believe me, I know how lucky I am to have them. :)

  7. Just popping in to say hello and thank you for following my blog! :)


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