Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday :P

It's the start of another week of hoping we end the week with our D.I.N.K. status restored. We started every week like that since 08-08-08. Let it be this week.

I finished my self-imposed week of restriction and celebrated with a breakfast of ice cream and peanut butter. I considered having something else, but why. Ice cream is too messy to take for lunch. For lunch I brought 28 almonds and the last two LC cupcakes that I had made.

Harry! I love that recipe for stuffed jalapeno peppers! Cro is skeptical about my ability to stuff them since they are small, but I'm not worried (it says to slice them in half, that can't be too difficult to stuff) and am very exited to try this dish and keep part of them back for our own dinner. I hope he can find some nice looking peppers (the bell pepper selection has looked rather wilted for the last couple of weeks so I'm afraid the jalapenos will be suffering too). Backup plan is to take celery and carrot sticks and a sour cream and ranch mix for dip. I want it to be things that we will still make use of if they don't get eaten at the party. NewVision's recommendation of little polish sausages also sounded great ... but I've got to pick one thing. :)

Clear away dark Monday clouds, I have work to do! One great thing about being busy, it makes the time fly. And what's on my calendar (so far) for this week is not stressful.

[ 5g ] LC ice cream bar
[ 1g ] LC peanut butter
[ 2g ] 28 almonds
[ 3g ] two LC cupcakes
[ 0 ] roast turkey
[ 2g ] gravy
[ 3g ] green beans, wax beans, and a small ration of carrot

[ 0 ] pork rinds for dipping
[ 3g ] cream cheese to dip
TOTAL 19 carbs


  1. keep up the great work with your carb count. Looking good !



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