Monday, January 19, 2009

No ice cream and no peanut butter week

So, for this week I plan to torture myself by having no LC ice cream and no LC peanut butter. I've been using those two items as a crutch and feel that I need to give them up for at least a little while.

It's going to be difficult!!! I miss them already. I've given up so many things as it is. I think I'm having a quiet tantrum right now.

It's only a week ... half of one day is almost gone already, right? If this helps me lose a pound or two it will be worth it.

And maybe it will spur me into finding some other yummy things to eat, or will cause me to take the time to bake something good again.


[ 10g ] 2 slices of LC bread
[ 1g ] 2 slices of cheddar cheese
(this is what I plan to have for lunch)
[ 1.5g ] tuna patty
[ 1g ] 2 slices of cheddar cheese
[ 0 ] steak
[ 5g ] brussels sprouts

TOTAL 18.5 carbs


  1. Good for you to give up ice cream and peanut butter. I tried lc ice cream because I saw it on your menus.

  2. One day down, Oct. :)

    Show those ice cream bars and PB who's boss!

  3. Good luck on giving up those two things you are used to eating. With LC you definitely have to give up a lot of food-that's what makes it difficult to stay on I think. It's not hunger, it's that we have to give up so much of what we've always eaten, plus see all that bad stuff around us constantly. But it can be done. I think you'll be successful.

  4. One down, six to go.

    Sadekat - I hope I didn't get you hooked too. It is a very good treat in moderation ... I just realize that I was leaning on it too much (twice a day, daily at times).

    Harry - Thank you for the encouragement. I'll let them back in my menu next week. I want to stop using them as a crutch, however.

    Lynn - hunger is definitely not the issue. I'm rarely hungry on LC. It's just the pleasure of something yummy that is the temptation. The fact that they are yummy AND LC AND quick makes them easy to lean on a bit too much.

  5. Nah, I didn't get hooked. I just buy a box of those bars every so often. Last one my dad ate most of the box.

  6. hmmm I posted to this yesterday to say good for you. But I guess it's floating around in the great beyond somewhere. Anyway, Good for you and I hope you can kick the habit quickly and easily

  7. Sadekat - lend me some ability to eat them once in a while!

    Vikki - Thanks. I retrieved your post from the great beyond. I'm just hoping for next week so I can have my treats again. Not twice a day though!


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