Friday, January 30, 2009

PARTY DAY EATs (so many cakes, brownies, cookies ... cry, not for the chubby girl!)
[ 6g ] LC ice cream
[ 4g ] almonds
[ 6g ] stuffed jalapeno peppers
[ 2g ] cheese
[ 3g ] three kosher beef franks
[ 1g ] diced onions
TOTAL 22 carbs


  1. Hi Oct,
    Looks like you did well on the party day. Where's the recipe for what Harry suggested?

  2. It's linked in the Party Day post below. :) It was a fun break and everyone loved the stuffed jalapeƱos (except for the vegetarian girl, but I think they almost turned her! hehe)

  3. Did you take a whack at the pinata? You didn't cave in! Good girl!

  4. I did! I think I was the first person to swing and totally miss. :) That thing too a beating for a good while before it broke. I think it took 12 good smack before it gave up the goods.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad your stuffed jalapenos turned out to be a success.


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