Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm seriously considering going back to my July or so menus and eating to match what I had back then for a little while. It's discouraging to be losing so slowly now. In previous months I was losing well. This would at least put my mind at ease. And yes, I am so glad that I have kept good records throughout all of this!!! Very handy.


[ 3g ] LC fudge ice cream bar
[ 1g ] LC peanut butter
[ 0 ] tuna
[ 1g ] 2 slices of cheddar
[ 2g ] more roast beef, onions and radishes yum!!!
[ 8g ] coconut bark

TOTAL 15 carbs


  1. This'll be an interesting experiment. I'm happy to know you have the menus to look back on.

    Good luck on your menu adjustment. I hope it yields eggsellent results. :)

  2. Nice to have this handy dandy blog system of a food journal! I go back every so often and read my old menus just to see what was working, remember old recipes. In fact, I am missing my famous hot dog salad that I used to eat in the beginning.

  3. I think Harry might be hinting that I add more eggs to my menu. ;) He must be in cahoots with Sadekat. Egg pushers!

    hehe, kidding. I guess I did eat more eggs and less peanut butter back then though.

    Yes, Sadekat, I'm very happy that I have a journal of all this. I think I told you all that I did LC in the past, lost 80 pounds, and then thought I was "cured" of being fat. Wrong move because over the next 5 years I gained it all back plus interest. When I restarted LC this time I had no idea how I did it. Seriously. I had to go read the Atkins book again just to get started over. Our blogger diaries are invaluable!!


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