Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Royal Pardon

I'm back in ... ONEderland that is. I'm in by two pounds now. 198. And have been given a royal pardon for the supposed gain from the Queen of ONEderland herself ... due to a dying battery in my scale. The scale is now on best behavior so it doesn't garner further wrath.

Sadekat, I don't know if your scale might be similar but I learned that if you move a scale like mine, you have to recalibrate it. I learned this when I put a new battery in and was immediately rewarded with a 10 pound gain. What?!? Cro suggested that the scale should have instructions on the back to recalibrate. In the case of my little scale, all that was required was to set it where it is going to stay, step on it briefly, then step off again and let it "0" out. Anytime the scale is moved I have to "0" it out again, but don't have to if it hasn't been moved. Just thought you might have moved your scale while cleaning.

And that was all that was needed! So happy! :D

In other news, my extreme limpiness (foot drop and lack of balance) caused me to call the doctor yesterday to ask for a solumed steroid treatment. The doctor wasn't in so I left a message with the receptionist who told me the doctor would probably want to see me first but that she was out of town this week.

Great. I was feeling VERY down in the dumps yesterday. Nothing like having to walk like a crippled person (I WAS a crippled person) to make me want to cry. Anyway, back to the good news ... the limp, without provocation, seemed to greatly improve yesterday evening. I was so overjoyed that I had to walk back and forth and call for Cro to watch me walk (haha) just to celebrate the normality of it! This morning I'm at about 80% normal walk and it seems to be improving by itself.

Yay for spontaneous recovery! Cro asked if it might have been the aspartame that caused the limp to come back. Hmmm, I bought that case of diet rootbeer at about the same time that I started using the elliptical. I stopped drinking the aspartame because it was causing a "buzzing" sensation in my head, and stopped using the eliptical at the same time because the limp was back. So I basically started and stopped those two routines simultaneously ... so which one caused the limp to return? I don't know, but I do know that I'll never drink aspartame-sweetened drinks again.

I will likely try exercise again once I get back to "normal". So, I'll narrow the suspects to one depending on how well I do with that. Whether the exercise turns out to be the culprit or not, aspartame is forever banned. A drink which causes an electical buzzing feeling in my head is NOT REFRESHING! The word aspartame is green to represent my feeling that it is NASTY POISON!

Just call me Dick Tracy (he was a detective, right?) haha I said Dick.


  1. Holy cow! I didn't know about resetting my scale! I did move it, and actually I move it everyday. It has to sit slightly under the bathroom vanity counter, and I have to slide it out and push it back in everyday to save our toes from being stubbed. I'll have to check the bottom and see what it says for resetting. Thanks Oct & Cro!

  2. No problem. :) The moment I found out why my scale gave me a false +10 pounds I thought of you and that +7 pound reading and wondered if your scale was in need of a reset too! Hope it works. :D

  3. That's great news Oct about the weight and the limp! That must be so frustrating for you wanting to exercise and having that challenge to overcome. I applaud you tremendously for plugging away at it and always trying to get thru the hoops! Not everyone would be so diligent (certainly not i!)

    Think I may need to calibrate mine again too! Oh no! What if I'm really not losing weight? Maybe I'll leave that scale alone! LOL

  4. Thanks Penny, or should I call you Sweet? :)

    It IS frustrating, but i'm hopeful that the gimpness was due to aspartame (which i'm no longer consuming) and that it will go away soon, allowing me to start back up on the elliptical.

    Be brave and calibrate that scale! You will feel better knowing it's a true number and that any loss you have from here will be the real thing.

  5. Yay for getting in wonderland i just got in it today to. Keep up the great work you are farther into than i am but we just need to keep up and stay in there!


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