Friday, January 9, 2009

Savannah or Bengal

My cat is 13 ... and hopefully he will have many more happy years before he decides to take that eternal catnap. I love him to pieces.

So that makes me feel guilty about even thinking about what our next cat will be. Cro was a zoology grad and has held a big cat rescue of his own a few years ago, so I wanted him to choose our next pet. I just mentioned that I would prefer a cat over a dog (and he agreed).

So, our next pet is slated to be either a Savannah or a Bengal with Savannah being Cro's preference. A Savannah is apparently derived from the African Serval (which is a wild animal). Cro would like a 3rd, 4th or 5th generation Savannah (meaning it's been mixed with a domestic breed for that many generations.)

Bengal cats from what I have read are already bred into a domestic breed of their own.

Both types of cat are supposed to have great personalities (well adjusted to domestication and all that). Savannahs are supposed to be more active and have personalities more akin to dogs (like to fetch and love to play in water). Bengals are supposed to be more lazy and nap-prone. Both are quite interesting and beautiful.

I suppose when the time comes I have read enough about them to be a good wild-kitty mom. But my Buddy Cat had better not kick it anytime soon!!!!! I can't even imagine life without him yet.

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