Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Small recoveries

I think the pneumonia is under control now. At least he sounded stronger when I talked to him this morning. A cardiologist and pulmonary expert is supposed to meet with him today. Dad says he will stay in the hospital until someone either gives him an answer to what is triggering his breathing episodes, or until they have exhausted all tests and knowledge. My dad is such a fighter, I love it and I love him so much!

It was nice to hear him feeling stronger and determined this morning, I had very bad dreams last night and woke up rather weepy. It put me in a good mood to hear him feeling a little better!

Cro has an interview with a staffing company today. I hope they will place him somewhere soon. :) That would also be great news.

My friend Cory informed me that he leaving the company as of this Friday and is going to move to California. :( He also informed me that his new company is looking for another designer to work along side him and wanted to know if I would be interested. Yeah, I was doing lots of California dreaming yesterday, I know Cro would love it, but I don't think it is something feasible for us at this time. I have been taking on more freelance work so I'm hoping our financial situation is on the way to recovery.

Hell week (two weeks really) continues. Even though I have no content from the writers and no direction from the clients I still have some triple-stacked deadlines. So I created a layout without copy yesterday for the client whom I'm familiar with. It seems to be going over well internally. We still need the content before we show the client! Today I'm on to creating 16 banner ads (normally a 20+ hour job) for that same client and still have no content. I'll make a guess and get a start on it, I have tomorrow to work on it as well. I also have about 8 hours of work for a weekly reoccurring job. I can normally lose myself in that one because it is so familiar. Today it is just taking time from the deadline job so I don't know how meditative the work will be. I will just have to push the pressure out of my head and work on it for two or three calm hours.

Just like with LC, sometimes you have to push the daunting goal out of your head and just focus on doing what you can to ensure progress, no matter how slowly or how many times you have to step over the rocks (or rock candies) in your way.


  1. Hi, I just saw that you posted a comment on Mother Hubbards post and I have been trying for the past half hour and it won't work for me. For some reason the word verification boxes are empty of any writing at all encluding the button to submit it. Will you go and tell her that I am really trying to comment on her blog.

    Now I'm off to read your blog and will come back with a comment for you :o)

  2. Glad your Dad is in good spirits and determined to find out what is causing his problems. Both my parents are gone now and I miss them so much. Enjoy while you can.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that your parents are gone, Deborah. I do cherish mine and am ever-aware that they won't be here forever. It makes me tear up to think about it. Mom reminds me lots that I need to not cry in front of dad, that he needs to not have to worry about me and not be stressed about me. I need to be strong at least while in his presence. That is so hard to do, but I keep the tears away and keep my voice from shaking ... I even manage to make him laugh and "shoot the shit" as they say. I always strive to leave him in better spirits than what I find him in, without being a clown. It's the hardest thing to be strong when I'm crying inside, but mom is right.

  4. Good news about your Dad and Cro today! Sorry work is such a stressful situation right now. Hopefully it will resolve soon.

  5. Your wish for me is coming true. Thank you!


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