Sunday, January 4, 2009

To Elliptical or not to Elliptical ...

... that IS the question.

I get into these determined and nothing is going to stop me phases ... and it seems that I was going to be that way with using the elliptical. I'm obsessed with LC information, with reading blogs, with my own blog, with being involved in this weight loss process. Very likely because it doesn't feel fast enough for me, so by being so involved I'm sure that's my lack of patience trying to push things to go faster.

Well, it's not going to go faster so I'd best chill out and just accept it. Back to the elliptical, I've spoken before about my MS and how it seems to be more quiet than it's ever been over this amount of time (nearly 15 months, I suppose). I've only been doing LC again for 7 months, but in a hopeful and optimistic light I've been giving the LC way of eating credit for the lack of new MS activity.

And now, since I've begun using the elliptical, I'm experiencing MS activity in the form of unresponsive left foot (can't clinch my toes tight, can't lift that foot high enough to climb stairs without dragging it up, and I'm limping >.<). It all improves somewhat once I cool off, but it hasn't improved to the point where I was a couple of weeks ago.

So is it the fact that I'm regularly heating my body via exercise that is causing this or is it just a coincidence? I'm betting it's the increased body heat since the weakness and limp came on so fast and in direct correlation to me starting to exercise.

Maybe I'll lay off the elliptical for a week and see if things straighten out. Hmm, or maybe I can move the elliptical to the garage and open the door while I work out to let the cold air in. :)

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