Thursday, January 8, 2009


1st paragraph of stress about work (deleted)

2nd paragraph of stress about economy/finance (deleted)

3rd paragraph of worry about family/dad (deleted)

I brought it to my blog to vent. Then I deleted it all because this is nothing to share with friends in a blog. I need to de-stress ... maybe try to meditate like Harry is planning to do. Any tips, Harry?

Here's what I'm eating today:
[ 3.5g ] LC cheesecake
[ 6g ] tuna cakes (made them this morning in a rush before leaving for work)
[ 0 ] ground beef patty
[ 5g ] brussels sprouts
[ 5g ] LC ice cream bar
[ 1g ] LC peanut butter

TOTAL 20.5 carbs


  1. Meditation sounds good. For me, I can't focus my brain long enough to meditate the normal way. I wish I could. Something I do is crochet. I normally don't count my stitches, but when I need to I just sit there and count them over and over until I feel better. Since my job involved heavy math/counting, I do that at work too, count instead of using machinery (calculator/computer/other equipment). It works for me.

  2. I used to crochet, but I think I only knew one stitch ... but I remember it was very relaxing. I could make a blanket, but never got farther than pot-holder size. Still, I loved that pot-holder because I made it. :)

    I am most at peace at work when I have a big project that nothing else is allowed to interfere with and i can just lose myself in it. I do both creative and coding. I think the coding is more soothing, and fun when there is a puzzle to figure out, but the creative is more praised by others since they can't see what goes into the coding.

  3. We all need to vent. I use the internet because most of my "go to" people IRL are not in the best of places and I can't really vent to them.

    You do what you have to do and leave it at that! :D

  4. Thanks Jenn, the process of typing it, posting it, then going back and deleting it made things feel a bit better. Dunno why, but it was like ok, there it is and now DELETE, it's gone. Breath. :)

  5. Howdy, October.

    If you would like to give a simple meditation a try, here's one possible approach:

    + Sit in a comfortable and quiet space.

    + Close your eyes and breathe naturally.

    + In your mind, silently repeat a mantra. Perhaps the word "peace" would work well for you now?

    + Try doing this for about 10 minutes (twice a day, if possible - but not essential). If your thoughts drift away from your mantra, gently try to come back to it.

    + Set a timer (I use the microwave timer) to alert you when your time is up.

    + Allow yourself a few minutes before you get back into the hectic swing of the day. Adjust gradually.


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