Saturday, January 17, 2009


[ 1g ] coconut bark
[ 4 ] roast beef and onions
[ 5g ] brussels sprouts
[ 1g ] radishes
[ 4g ] two sugarfree creamsicles

TOTAL 15 carbs


  1. Oct < I accidently 'deleted' instead of 'published' your comment on my Second Chance Bread.

    Would you mind, please going back and reposting your comment ?

    I tried to retrieve it from the 'trash' in google, but it said 'info unavailable.. '

    Inquiring minds want to know what you had to say. Thanks !

  2. I have not tried the creamsicles, who makes them ? thanks

  3. I found them at WalMart (I rarely shop there, but they also have the Carb Smart Breyers ice cream so I make a trip once in a while).

    Here is a link with more info on the sugarfree Creamsicles. They have 1 gram of sugar alcohols but I didn't subtract that since my body tends to treat most sugar alcohols as real sugar. They still come in pretty low carb, 2 each.


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