Thursday, January 22, 2009

( T_T )

Another busy day is ahead. I woke up super depressed about our shaky financial situation and fear for our future (I don't just mean savings and retirement - of which we have neither, I mean ability to pay the mortgage). But, I know we aren't the only ones fearing the future right now. We'll make it through this. Things will start looking up soon (I'm hoping harder than I've ever hoped in my life other than for dad's life). Okay, I wrote that and now I really should delete it. I don't want to drive off my readers with depressing thoughts. :P Ah well, you guys should know by now that I'm real and don't have a painted on smile. Maybe it will make you like me more when you see me get through this.

Which brings a topic to mind. How will your world be changed when you finally reach your goal weight? I don't imagine the world will be easier, but I'll definitely be more aerodynamic. ;)

UPDATE: Woot! My deadline is met for the day, a little bit early even. I'm sure there will be more changes before it's all over, but this deadline was to have the files ready for client first review and it is met. *sigh of happy relief* I have more work to do before the day is over, but it's routine stuff. Hope all of you are having a good day and weren't too bummed by the morning edition of this post.

[ 7g ] half a toasted cheese on LC bread (I ate this at 6am)
[ 7g ] the other half of a toasted cheese on LC bread (I ate this at 9am, oh no)
[ 6g ] little meatloaves (I had two) with diced onion and mushrooms

TOTAL 20 carbs


  1. Aww Oct, you know I am going to go write a little about where I was a couple of years ago. It sucks to be in a tough financial dilemma (if you can call it that?), but you and Cro can pull through.

  2. Honey you'll pull through. My hubby and I are going through the same thing but in our 60's..I could write a tear jerker but won't. You're doing good we just have a habit of beating ourselves up when we share things. If what you write drives people away then it's THEIR problem. Where is the empathy? *smiles and hugs* As always sending my prayers for your daddy. Have a blessed day.

  3. Howdy, Oct.

    For what it's worth, I think you should express your concerns and sadness ... whenever they're weighing heavily on you. This is your blog after all!

    I have a strong feeling that you and Cro are going to weather this rough patch. Why? Because I think I have a pretty good sense about you. I can tell that you're a hard worker and smart. You also have good "people skills" - that always helps.

    I don't know much about Cro (besides what I've gathered from your mentions). But, I know he's got to be a good egg in order to have a special place in your heart. :)

    When I put those two factors together, I just know that you'll both find a way through this.

    Several years ago, my wife (and then girlfriend) lost her job. I had just moved in with her and started a new job. Those were overwhelming times for us both.

    I won't bore you with all the details but it was rough going. It was a constant battle to keep our heads above water and to keep our spirits out of the gutter. We survived that time. We're stronger for it. And I think you guys will too.

    Hang in there. Take good care of yourself and each other. Trust that you will find a way.

  4. Thank you Sadekat, Mother Hubbard, and Harry.

    I never imagined I would find such good people through my LC blog. It means so much to me and really boosts my spirits that each of you care. It is a scary time, but we will get through this. I just hope the dark clouds clear soon, it's been a long hard winter (and I don't mean the 80's Cinderella album ... though that was one of my favs back then, lol).

    If any of you want to talk about your own struggles in privacy, please send me an email at my gmail account. octoberfae

  5. Hey Oct. Keep your faith. I know just what you mean, we're there too. But we've been here before several times and we always come out the other side ok. I do a lot of praying.

    To tell the truth I even considered going off low carb and eating junk because it's so much cheaper. But that's just not an option. I can't risk our health too.

    You're a strong and loving person, and from what I've come to know of you, your a very smart lady as well. You might have some tough times, but you will make it, I have faith in you.

    Take care, find joy and have faith in yourselves.

  6. Thanks Vikki, I pray every day though I know it's ultimately up to me to help myself the very best I can (so I try to do that by learning rather than playing games and by seeking out freelance work when I can get it).

    Some of this is out of my ability to make better. I know Cro is trying his best as well, I have no doubt. He's a great guy and if the economy hadn't taken a dive I'm sure he'd be employed somewhere great and making a better living than I do.

    It's been over 3 years since we've felt really secure (long story). It wears on a person.
    Thank you for the well wishes! We'll make it through this one way or another.


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