Sunday, January 4, 2009

A typical day (before LC)

I tried to remember what a typical day of food would be before I started LC. OMG it was horrible, no wonder I got so fat. I used to eat when I was bored. I used to eat popcorn while reading a book in the evening to relax. I used to look forward to every meal and all the possibilities.


Below (shamefully) is a sample of what I might have eaten on a typical work day before I started LC.

[ 44g ] a biscuit with gravy from Chick-Fil-A
[ 13g ] a half pint of milk

[ 110g ] 2 or 3 pieces of cheese pizza from Papa John's

[ 30g ] 1 or 2 vending machine snack size bags of chips
[ 34g ] or 1 vending machine bag of M&Ms

[ 60g ] leftover half order of PF Chang Kung Pao chicken on brown rice

[ 120g ] 1 pint of Ben & Jerry's Gobfather ice cream

and below (happily) is my eating for today:
[ 3.5 ] LC cheesecake
[ 1.5 ] peanut butter
[ 5g ] 5 brussels sprouts (so good!)
[ 8g ] leftover Carbonnade Flamande from Brugge Brasserie
no dinner

TOTAL 18 carbs


  1. My past eating would likely shock you. I used to binge big-time (without purging). It's really a miracle that I'm not much heavier than I am.

    Junk food just goes down so easily. :) And, it's often pretty cheap - certainly cheaper than fresh, healthy food.

    Anyway, I'm happy we're both on a better path now.

    Why no dinner? Just not hungry?

  2. I'm happy that I've got the eating under control and much healthier now too. I didn't even think I ate that much back then, the guys I work with were easily able to eat twice what I did, but looking back in comparison to what I eat now it's easy to see how bad it was.

    No dinner because I'm too close to my limit of 20 carbs. I had a very good lunch though, the brussels sprouts have quickly become one of my favorite foods! The carbonnade flamande was a bit more carby than Cro's beef stew, but I didn't want the leftovers to go to waste.

  3. I often go back and read my first blog to see how I have changed. It helps me by reminding me of how awful I felt and looked.
    Brussels sprouts are my favorite veg too. I have a full stock in the fridge again this week.
    You are doing fantastic.
    Great job!

  4. I used to do the same thing. I would usually have...
    McDonalds Big Breakfast, Large Coke
    Anything I could find in the snack machines (I could go though $10.00 easy that way.)
    Lunch would be Burger and fries. Oh, and large coke!
    Dinner would be just as bad, and consist of dessert (large Ice Cream).

    I have learned to eat a lot healthier and love it.

  5. It was an eye-opener for sure! One thing that at least I avoided was regular Coke's ... but I drank diet pop with aspartame to the point of continuous worry about what it must be doing to me. If anyone was going to suffer from aspartame poisoning it was going to be me. Scary. Thank goodness for the growing trend of Splenda-sweetened soft drinks. I won't give up diet drinks ... at least not yet. I've got to have at least one legal vice.


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