Friday, January 23, 2009

yay day

I'm down a pound today. I don't really want to count it since the trend is to bounce up and down a bit before it settles, but darn it I've been stalled for a good while and I'm going to count it.

Cro, the sweety, made stuffed bell peppers last night without peppers to stuff. So he turned the filling into little meatloaves. It was delightfully good! They consisted of ground beef, diced onions, diced marinated mushrooms, and spices of some sort (he's a very minimal spice guy so i'm guessing pepper, salt and maybe a little Mrs. Dash). He also sends a daily email before I drive home to ask me to be careful driving. Little sentiments that make me smile.

OMG, I sometimes wear my headphones just to muffle sound a bit to help me concentrate (with no music) and at times I put them on without music when the office is too chilly (keeps my ears warm). So I'm used to having them on and hearing the office happenings through them. I also like a site called Pandora Radio. I went there but it takes a moment before it starts playing music so I got involved in some work and forgot about it. THEN i hear someone hollering and humming loudly and I thought it was one of the guys who works here and sometimes sings (he's a funny guy and often does stuff like that). But after a minute I thought wow, that's actually good, that can't be Cordell. I took off my headphones so I could figure out who it was ... and of course the hollering stopped. Doh! It was Tom Waits singing the beginning of "Jesus Gonna Be Here". The beginning has no music so for some reason I didn't even think it was coming out of my headphones. Surreal.

[ 4g ] one of my slightly stale biscuits from last week with cheese (it was still good)
[ 3g ] mini meatloaf with cheese
[ 4g ] mini meatloaf with cheese
[ 5g ] brussel sprouts

TOTAL _ carbs


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