Friday, January 9, 2009

Yay for Friday

I think. I have a meeting this afternoon to discuss one of the many projects that are all due at the same time. Hopefully I'll be able to get straight answers regarding what I need to do since I really need to get started on it over the weekend to prevent suicidal tendencies next week. I compiled a list of questions that need answers before I can begin. I'm predicting that half of the people who need to be in the meeting will find that they are unavailable due to other responsibilities that conflict with the meeting time. *breathe* I'll worry about it when/if it happens.

Tonight I'm meeting my friend Matt at his place so that he and I can do our Christmas gift exchange and hang out for a bit. He informed me yesterday that he will prepare some low carb snacks for us (what a complete sweetheart he is!!!). I did not even remind him that I'm still doing low carb so that was his own initiative.

It's Friday so I should be looking forward to the weekend, but I have to get answers regarding the project before I can even think beyond work. *breathe*

And now I will get to work on a project that I have no questions about and will be one of those "get lost in the project and relax" things to work on. :)

In LC news, the scale hasn't moved today, but I'm wearing my "ego booster" jeans and I didn't have to hop to get them on. The jeans know before the scale I've said before. Yay.

Today's eats:

[ 5g ] LC ice cream
[ 0 ] ground beef
[ 3g ] 3 brussels sprouts
[ 2g ] diced onions and parmesan cheese
don't know but Matt has planned some LC snacks

TOTAL _ carbs


  1. Have a good time tonight!

    I hope you got all the answers you needed this afternoon. :)

    PS - I'm a cat lover as well!

  2. Thanks Harry, the account execs finally realized that they didn't have enough information to expect me to design compositions for this project yet, so it is going to swap weeks with a project that we have more information on. The scary project will go to one of writers next week and with a week to do so, perhaps we'll get answers regarding the specs for that job. The deadline isn't moving, but the project that is swapping production with it has the very same deadline. Anyway, I'll work on project2 next week and project1 on the following week. :) i'm less stressed for at least 1 more week!

    Confusing? The main thing is, my stress is eased and we now have a plan to get these multiple things all done by the same date.


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