Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another half pound loss is tormenting me today. Okay Mr Half Pound, pack it up and join your buddy ... step lively now, I don't have all week. :P

Breakfast - 11carb/100cal
[11 carb][100 cal] Reese's 100 calorie Peanut Butter wafer

Lunch - 13.5carb/735cal
I'm taking:
[6.5 carb][678 cal] big woven bacon burger
[7 carb][57 cal] 2 LC chocolates

Dinner - 15carb/486cal
[2 carb][300 cal] 2 Hebrew National kosher beef frank
[3 carb][16 cal] 1/4 cup diced onion
[10 carb][51 cal ] brussels sprouts
[0 carb][119 cal] olive oil

TOTAL 39.5carb/1321cal


  1. Sadekat - Your comment page now requires me to sign in to an account to post, but blogspot is not one of the options. Here is what I was going to comment:

    Oooh, nifty looking food scale. I don't even have an old plastic model anymore so I rely on product packaging and the science of guestimation for now. I guess it's good because I don't need even more math in my life! :)

  2. I don't know about you, but I recall being instructed to round up figures of .5 and up - in my old math classes. :)

    Every little bit helps! Good going, Oct!

  3. I was instructed to do that too, but then I fear that perhaps the scale is already rounding it up (I have a cheap scale that only does wholes and halves). So darn it, I'll wait for the other half before I count it but I'll blog the half just to mullify myself. :)


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